Wicked Spoon Buffet at the Cosmopolitan: April 2022 Prices, Hours & Menu

The Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, stands out because of its eclectic mix of style and amenities. So is the buffet.

One of the first to reopen following the lockdown was the famed buffet at the Cosmopolitan, although with significant adjustments. It’s still a big hit. We’ve heard from people who’ve had to wait three hours in line! (I waited two hours in line and another hour to be seated.)

However, the “Wicked Spoon” buffet at Cosmo’s is one of the greatest in town, if not the best.

It is often compared to Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal Buffet as one of the best places to eat on the Las Vegas Strip. The editors of the Las Vegas Review-Journal have proclaimed it “the best buffet in Las Vegas.”

The Chelsea Tower’s second-floor dining area is tucked away in the resort’s rear with its clean, modern decor.

The Wicked Spoon is credited with launching the individual plate craze when it comes to Vegas buffets. Instead of Vegas’s typical steel pan and tongs, meals are now presented separately on tiny plates.

The Cosmopolitan Buffet’s Wicked Spoon Prices and Hours

BreakfastMonday – Friday8 AM to 11 AM$38
BrunchSaturday & Sunday9 AM to 4 PM$49
LunchMonday – Friday11 AM to 3 PM$45

The buffet hours at the Cosmopolitan have been reduced since the reopening after the Covid incident. Only breakfast, brunch, and lunch buffets are available now (no dinner). On the other hand, the buffet is open seven days a week.

When the evening buffet is reinstated, we’ll make the necessary changes to this page. Standard hours and pricing will remain in effect until further notice.

In addition, children between the ages of 5 and 10 often pay half price. Please be aware that children 11 and older must pay the full adult charge, while children 4 and below dine for free at this establishment.

Also, bear in mind the 8.38 percent sales tax on these buffets in Las Vegas and Clark County. The usual brunch buffet is $49 per person, so a couple would spend $106.21 in taxes (but before the tip).

All-You-Can-Drink Buffet at Wicked Spoon Restaurant

At the Wicked Spoon, you may obtain endless beverages by paying an additional $21 for the Bottomless Beverage package.

You’ll get two hours of limitless booze with this add-on. During brunch, you may choose from mimosas, bloody Marys, or Bud Light beers.

Reservations for the Buffet at Wicked Spoon

You can make a reservation at The Wicked Spoon by clicking on this link.

Wicked Spoon’s Holiday Specials

Prices at the Cosmopolitan’s buffet go up a little around the holidays, much like the Bellagio Buffet and practically every other Las Vegas Strip hotel buffet.

Any three-day weekend (e.g., Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.) is included.

You should expect to spend between $4 to $21 extra per person for a brunch or dinner buffet, depending on the holiday and whether you attend for breakfast or supper. However, a special supper buffet from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. last Thanksgiving was priced at $69 and included more menu items.

Increased holiday buffet prices began on December 21st last year and lasted until New Year’s Eve. Last year’s NYE buffet cost $80 per person, making it far more costly than the traditional New Year’s Eve meal.

Last but not least, this buffet is known for its huge queues, particularly on weekends and for Sunday brunch. I’ve heard of queues of up to two hours long on Sunday afternoons. When it comes to that…

Wicked Spoon Line Pass Price

Cosmo’s prior skip-the-line pass enhancement is presumably no longer with the reservation system in place.

If you were prepared to fork out even extra to bypass a wait to get inside the buffet, you could buy a “Skip-the-line” ticket for $25.

During the holiday buffet price occasions, this pass has raised an additional $5.

Ask your casino host whether you qualify for a VIP pass at the Cosmopolitan since it may still be available (if you have one).

Wicked Spoon Buffet: 2 for 1 Coupon

Identity is the name of Cosmopolitan’s player’s club program. The “Velvet” level is the entry point for new members.

“Sterling” is the next level up, and those who achieve it will be given a two-for-one entrance into the Wicked Spoon (limit of one per month).

To get a Wicked Spoon 2-for-1 coupon every day instead of once a month, you must wager enough to achieve the “Gold” or “Platinum” levels. In addition, you’ll have the first dibs on the buffet.

At the beginning of the buffet, just provide the coupon card to the cashier.

Menu Items on the Wicked Spoon Breakfast Buffet

Some of these may change, while others will remain consistent. They are the omelet stations, the smoked salmon bagel station, and breakfast mainstays like pancakes, scrambled eggs, and the like.

Some of the meals that were recently reviewed (again, subject to change):


Fruit that is in season during the time of year

Bacon and eggs scrambled with applewood smoke.

Benny’s breakfast hash

Cheddar-topped hash browns

Black beans, a slow-cooked egg, and Hollandaise sauce top this corn sope.

Pancakes made with buttermilk.

French Toast with Lemon and Berries

Grits with chives and a side of cheddar cheese

Breakfast pizza topped with Maple Hollandaise is a must-try.

Gochujang-braised egg served with potatoes, pita bread, and sesame seeds.

Variety of bread (toppings include Nutella and raspberry jam).

Warm Banana-Coconut Oatmeal

a berry and vanilla ice cream parfait

Pastries for breakfast

An Iced Bar

Soup with tomato and basil

Wedge and Banh Mi (with a cilantro vinaigrette, shredded carrots, and pork lardoons) pre-made salads.

Variety of local honey-infused seasonal cheeses

Station for cured meats

With Citrus Ginger Ponzu, Dehydrated Duck Eggs, and Arugula, Beef Tataki is served.

Grilling Area

Served with Short Rib, Pickled Onions, and Lemon Gremolata Bone Marrow

Chicken Fried in the Pan – (served individually in these cute little metal fryers).

The top sirloin

Ham with a honey glaze

Pork loin with a herb crust

Chicken in a beer can

Sausages: Fennel sausage from Italy and smoked chicken sausage from America

Macaroni and cheese in a rage

Tahini vinaigrette with harissa potatoes

Potatoes have been mashed.


Tacos stuffed with carnitas.

Guacamole with chips

Gyro with beef and lamb.

Cauliflower and kale salad



All-you-can-eat dim sum buffet

Indian flatbread is called naan.

Condiment bar at the hot pot station

There is a shoyu ramen restaurant.

Variety of sushi

Beef burned in a wok.

A chicken egg roll with a side of gravy

Fried potstickers of vegetables

Dark Soy Glazed Pork Trotters

Fried rice with Lap Cheong.

The Hokkien udon noodles

The classic Indian dish of tikka masala.


Gelatos in a variety of flavors

The icing on the cake:

Bread pudding with bourbon and white chocolate sauce

Cooked-to-order seasonal fruit cobbler

Macaroons with coconut cream filling

Rice Krispy treats with chocolate banana filling.

Moist orange creamsicle cones

Tart with a key lime flavor.

Cakes made with melted chocolate and served hot.

Catering for a Wicked Spoon Buffet Lunch

By the time noon rolls around, many (but not all) of the items from the morning menu will still be available. For example, breakfast pizza has been replaced with a soppressata pizza and white garlic pizza at lunch.

It’s all about this: Prime rib and steamed crab legs are on the menu for the more costly lunch, but they aren’t available for the less-priced breakfast.

Lunchtime specials include the likes of:

Clam chowder is a traditional New England dish.

Kale, Italian sausage, and Pecorino go into this dish.

Carrots caramelized with bourbon syrup.

Duck thigh meat

It’s a mapo tofu frito pie.

Shrimp with salt and pepper

skewered kalbi chicken with a tangy yogurt sauce

Breast of turkey (citrus brined)

Root vegetables roasted in the oven.

Caramelized cauliflower

A unique feature of the Wicked Spoon Buffet is that it provides a complete online menu, which is not often the case with other Las Vegas restaurants. Here are the connections to the Cosmo page’s right-hand side: The Wicked Spoon Buffet.

Question and Answer Section for the Wicked Spoon Buffet

Is it possible to make a reservation at Wicked Spoon?

They used to, but Cosmopolitan states that the Wicked Spoon is only accessible by walk-up as of this update. There are no reservations available at this time.

The Wicked Spoon Buffet is situated in which part of the city?

Located on the second floor of the Chelsea Tower at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino, The Wicked Spoon is a popular buffet in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.

What time of day does the Wicked Spoon Buffet open for supper service?

Wicked Spoon Buffet is open till 3 PM on weekdays and 4 on weekends as of this update.

Is parking at the Wicked Spoon included in the price of the meal?

No. Non-hotel guests must pay to either self-park or have a valet park at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. In contrast, hotel guests and those with a Cosmopolitan player’s card at “Sterling” or above are given complimentary parking. Customers of the Wicked Spoon Buffet are not eligible for validation.

Spectacular Wicked Spoon Dinner Buffet Items

Note from the editor: The following is our coverage of supper options before the government shutdown). The Wicked Spoon’s evening buffet will resume soon, so we’ll be sure to let you know.)

I’ve done my best to place them where they belong, but please note that the buffet menu is subject to alteration at any time at the discretion of the Chef.

However, the following is a typical sample menu from the Wicked Spoon.

While several of these menu items may be found at both brunch and dinner, some are exclusive to brunch.

Eggs Benedict, doughnuts, fresh watermelon juice in charming tiny individual bottles, fresh fruit toppings for French toast, and more are among the brunch options available. You can even create your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Traditional and pricey products, such as crab legs, will only be accessible at supper time.

Serving regions include the following:

The Salad Bar

The Wicked Spoon has these adorable individual salads served in chilled jars, such as their famous crab avocado & grapefruit salad and kale salad, that everyone else offers as pre-made options.

It’s available at the deli and “Big John’s Cajun Cheddar.”

Station for Carving

Roasted pig loin, steamship ham, beef culotte, roasted chicken, prime rib, bone marrow with kimchi, and lamb are all on the menu.

Station of the Americana

There are cheesy macaroni and cheese, spicy deep-fried chicken, buffalo frog legs, and mac and cheese in little deep-fat fryers.

These two unusual meals, Jamaican chicken tacos and Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce aren’t listed anywhere since I can’t recall where they were served.

Stations in Asia

To-go boxes of fried rice — the white square boxes you often see at Chinese restaurants – are likely to catch your eye.

Kung Pao chickpeas, a vegetarian version of a classic favorite, apricot-glazed pork belly with kimchi and spicy cashews, Hong Kong-style chow mien, grilled beef with black beans, and asparagus, and Yuzu walnuts are all popular dishes.

A wide variety of fried dumplings, curried tofu, oxtail pho, sushi, and spicy Korean chicken wings are all on the menu.


If you’re looking for a buffet-style pizza, this isn’t your best option. Lamb sausage and fig & pear toppings are two more unusual options.

Calzones, eggplant parmesan, and duck prosciutto are just a few dishes that can be found in this region. Garganelli pasta with butternut squash and pancetta is also a popular dish.

Station for preparing and serving seafood

Seared salmon with cauliflower puree & blistered tomatoes; Jonah stone claws; snow crab legs; grilled shrimp, clams; shrimp & grits; salt & pepper calamari; and salt and pepper head-on shrimp.

The Sweets Display

The 18-flavor gelato and ice cream bar is a must-see.

Some of them were Nutella, Oreo mint, pistachio, mango and passion fruit, coconut, strawberry balsamic, almond joy, lemon sorbet, blood orange sorbet, tiramisu, Thai Iced Tea, and Stracciatella on one recent night.

Along with apricot sticky buns and caramel-icing, you’ll also discover chocolate-dipped strawberries and the Heath-bar-dipped strawberries previously described.

Chocolate raspberry cake, chocolate pistachio cake, dulce de leche cheesecake, small chocolate bundt cakes with raspberry sauce, white chocolate mousse cake, and coffee almond cakes with milk chocolate mousse are among the desserts.

Among other options, you may pick from banana cream tarts, orange chocolate tarts, raspberry dipped Rice Krispie treats, and coffee-chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treats.

A banana walnut cake, a carrot spice pecan cake, and vegan coconut tapioca with mango are all gluten-free sweets.

Wicked Spoon even has glass jars full of confectionery, including salt-water taffy and lollipops, to illustrate how amazing they are at the small things.

Drinks are available at this location.

You may choose from a variety of fruit juices, including orange, cranberry, grapefruit, tomato, iced tea, and the standard Coke choices.

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There is a Wicked Spoon phone number

Official Website :Wicked Spoon Buffet
Toll-free :(877) 893-2001

However, if you’re planning to bring more than 13 individuals, you need to phone (877) 551-7776 in advance.

Fast Food Delivery From Wicked Spoon

This option is temporarily unavailable.) Last but not least, the Wicked Spoon offers takeout for those of you who prefer to eat in rather than at the restaurant.

It doesn’t matter what hour of the day it is; the price is $20. You’ll receive a box (with various partitioned compartments) and the ability to load up for that fee. They also offer you a tiny water bottle as a thank you gift.

My own experience with this is limited, but others report that they were able to gather enough food in the container to last them for many meals.

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