The New Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Height and Cost of Construction

The High Roller is the name of the brand-new Las Vegas Ferris Wheel. On April 1st, 2014, at 1 p.m., it was officially opened to the public. The new Las Vegas icon reaches 550 feet above the city’s streets and buildings. The “SkyVue” Ferris Wheel, which may or may not is constructed, is in the works.

A Ferris Wheel is what I call it; some prefer “observation wheel,” which is a more current phrase. Whatever the case, the High Roller will leave an indelible impression on Las Vegas.

Even more impressive is that this skyline includes the tallest building west of the Mississippi and a brilliant green, 5,000-room hotel.

The Linq project wouldn’t be complete without the High Roller.

After a $550 million investment, the retail and entertainment complex owned by Caesars Palace Entertainment opened its doors with six outlets on December 27th of last year. The Linq Hotel and Casino is sandwiched between the Flamingo and the Linq (formerly known as the Quad and Imperial Palace).

Although the actual cost of the High Roller is unknown, it was reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the wheel accounted for nearly one-third of the entire project costs. This would mean that the wheel’s construction cost about $183 million if the rumor is genuine.

New O’Shea’s Casino and Brooklyn Bowl and over 30 other stores, restaurants, bars, and entertainment options occupy Linq’s 300,000 square feet of area (200,000 of which is rentable space). Kitson and a slew of other odd boutiques may also be found at the Linq.

Las Vegas’s new 550-foot Ferris Wheel is the world’s highest. The Singapore Flyer in Singapore currently holds the world’s tallest Observation Wheel title. The London Eye, on the other hand, stands at 443 feet.

The 520-foot diameter of the High Roller is the largest in the world. Parts of the wheel were manufactured worldwide, in places like France and China, for example. Leitner Poma of America in Grand Junction, Colorado, is building the cottages locally. Chairlifts and ski resort gondolas are among their specialties.

In mid-December of 2013, we were able to get some video of the building of the High Roller.

The High Roller, which was designed in part by the Hettema Group, features 28 cabins, all of which are made of glass to provide guests with a clear view of the Strip and the surrounding area.

The Ferris Wheel’s 28 cabins each carry up to 40 passengers, allowing it a total capacity of 1,120 passengers to ride at once. Parties, weddings, and other special events may be held in the pods, which can be rented for cuisine and beverage service.

The duration of each trip is around 30 minutes. Tickets for the High Roller at night are $26.95 and $36.95. It’s possible to buy these and other items in a 50,000 square foot facility underneath the wheel and take-along beverages.

The general manager of the High Roller, Eric Eberhart, was a former executive who helped build Disneyland’s California Adventure.

Ferris wheel with SkyVue

It’s hard to imagine, but Las Vegas had two enormous Ferris wheels under construction simultaneously. However, unlike the High Roller, this less well-known attraction has been hampered by funding troubles, resulting in a delay in construction while contractor lien concerns were resolved.

It had been claimed that this Ferris wheel would open by the end of 2012; however, as of 2015, the project is still in limbo, having started in 2011.

Just south of Mandalay Bay and McCarran Airport, the “SkyVue” wheel has been dubbed the “little brother” of the High Roller. Alternatively, the Super Wheel moniker is used.

At the cost of $300 million, the SkyVue Super Wheel was envisioned to soar to 500 feet. Each of SkyVue’s 32 cabins could house up to 25 people. As part of the 39-acre plot, a two-story structure at its base was to be filled with stores and restaurants.

In contrast to the High Roller, the proprietors of SkyVue intended to put advertisements on two 50,000 LED screens installed in the middle of the structure. On the large monitor, they intended to display concerts and athletic events. However, in 2015, SkyVue halted all progress, and even the two large concrete pillars were removed from the site.

However, the High Roller’s reign as the world’s highest Ferris wheel may be short-lived. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed building a 650-foot-tall Ferris wheel on Staten Island as a tourist attraction.

If it were to be erected, there would be a 75-foot gap between this Ferris Wheel and the new Las Vegas Ferris Wheel in terms of height. Daniel Ramirez copyrights these images.

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