Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood: 2022 Prices, Hours & Menu

The “Spice Market Buffet” at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas pays homage to the hotel’s original Middle Eastern concept as the Aladdin Hotel & Casino.

The Las Vegas Review-annual Journal’s “Finest of Vegas” poll has voted this buffet as one of the best in town in the past. As a result of several recently opened and enhanced casino buffets on the Strip and a perceived drop in Spice Market offerings, this is no longer true.

Most people know it for its Mediterranean/Middle Eastern component these days. This buffet is featured in the Buffet of Buffets Pass offered by Caesars Entertainment, which allows you to dine at various restaurants for 24 hours for a flat fee.

Along with an American Station, Asian, Soup, Seafood and Mexican, Salad Bar, and Pastry, you’ll also discover a Dessert Station here.

The Spice Market at PH is a bargain compared to its more opulent buffet counterparts at the Bellagio and Caesars Palace across the Strip.

There will no longer be a morning buffet at the Spice Market starting in 2020. There is now just a weekend brunch and no longer a breakfast or lunch buffet.

Prices and Hours for the Spice Market Buffet

Keep in mind that most Las Vegas buffets raise their pricing on most holiday weekends, so these are the normal hours and prices. From “festivals” like the Super Bowl and March Madness to holidays like Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Afternoon Tea with Champagne

Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM to 3 PM – $25.99


Monday – Friday: 4 PM to 10 PM – $30.99

Saturday & Sunday: 3 PM to 10 PM – $30.99

Remember that the 8.25 percent sales tax you’ll pay in Las Vegas will go toward building a new football stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders. As a result, the supper buffet would cost $67.09 after tax for two persons.

Prices for the Kids’ Buffet

Children under the age of three dine for free at Planet Hollywood. However, those aged 11 and above must pay the full menu costs.

Breakfast buffets cost $16.99 for children under 10 years old, while dinner costs $18.99.


Unlimited beer, wine, and champagne are available for $12.99. Non-alcoholic beverages must be procured independently. As a result of repeated complaints, I bring up this point.

The famous Buffet of Buffets meal package includes the Spice Market as one of the featured buffets.

Dishes from a Spice Market Buffet

Here’s a taste of what you may expect during the different meals, although this is by no means an exhaustive list. Although I strive to keep up with these changes, the chef or management may want to alter them at any time.


Scrabble, waffles, hashbrowns, and the like will be available. Still, you can also make your omelet, and have baked oatmeal with peaches, banana, strawberry smoothies, blueberry blintzes, and the typical fare.

Cereals, eggs, fruits and pastries, rotisserie chicken with citrus and herbs, chicken fajitas, and salt & pepper chicken wings were also available for breakfast.

Oak-smoked salmon, marinated olives, marinated tomato salad, and a variety of gourmet meats and exotic cheeses are just things served at the Middle Eastern station.

Baba ganoush, tabouli, baklava, kabobs of chicken and vegetables, dolmas, feta cheese, and another Middle Eastern fare may be found here. Additionally, there were tandoori chicken kabobs, vegetable spring rolls, and veggie lo mein.

Soups and a wide variety of salads are also available.

In addition, you’ll get a complimentary glass of champagne or mimosa with your brunch buffet admission.

Foods to Eat While Having Brunch

Three-cheese lasagna, rotisserie chicken, Yukon mashed potatoes, and roasted turkey are all on the menu.

Pre-made salads, including Caesar, Kale, and Artichoke Salad, are available along with the usual soups.

You’ll find enchiladas, meat fajitas, and even poblano quesadillas at the Mexican counter.

A few delicacies at the Middle Eastern station aren’t often featured in Las Vegas buffets. You’ll also find baba ganoush, tabouli, baklava, kabobs of chicken and vegetables, dolmas, feta, dried fruits, hummus, and naan bread and hummus.

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Seafood cioppino, crab-stuffed soles, and barbecued pork ribs will not be included on the dinner menu but may be found on the lunch menu.

Dinner has been renamed “Prime Rib Dinner,” with prime rib served every night as the centerpiece. Rotisserie chicken and beef tri-tip are also on the menu.

At lunch, in addition to the items described above, Middle Eastern cuisine options include lamb and potato kabobs, spicy basil pork fried rice, and steamed BBQ buns, among others.

As well as a salad bar with various fruits and cheeses, you’ll also discover a soup option.


The dessert station isn’t special since it has the standard range of candies, cookies, cupcakes, etc. Cotton candy is one of the more unusual items on the menu.


Changes from the past mean that you’ll have to walk up to the little drink station, which might be congested, to acquire your beverages.

Contact Information for Spice Market Buffet

The most important number is: (702) 785-5555

The only exception is if you’re going to eat at the buffet with a group of 12 or more.

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