Sams Town Bowling Center in Las Vegas: Prices and Hours

The Sams Town Bowling Center in Las Vegas is a terrific and inexpensive way to take a break from the casino and add a little diversity to your stay.

The bowling alley can be found underneath the casino floor, near the north entrance of the resort. Although it seems like a dirty, dark, old-school basement-style bowling alley, this is a well-lit, contemporary bowling facility open to the public.

The bowling alley at Sam’s Town has a total of 56 lanes. A pro shop, a small snack bar, and a respectable-sized bar are also available. Burgers, pizza, and nachos are among the foods on the menu at the snack store.

Automatic scoring and an easy-to-use digital touch-screen to input player names are standard features on the lanes. Some monitors display the consequences of your throw in the form of images you pose for (e.g., a typical position, happy face, and sad face).

Every photo is followed by a video montage, which my kids adored. On top of a comical figure, the bowler’s visage has been grafted on. Bowler’s face may be placed on somebody who slips into the mud, for example, after a gutter ball. The modest entry fee was nearly worth it for this alone.

Because we didn’t know anybody at the bowling alley and because we are the worst bowlers in the country, “Lane Chatter” wasn’t used by us because we didn’t know anyone else there and because we don’t bowl.

Bowling hours at Sam’s Town Bowling Center

Naturally, because we’re in Las Vegas, the bowling alley is open around the clock every week.


When you bowl, the prices might vary greatly and are always changing. To get the most current prices, visit Sam’s Town Bowling Center on the Sam’s Town website.

On weekdays and before 5 pm, bowling is often less expensive.

Discounts are available for children under the age of 17, elders, and those who can prove their service in the military.

From 9 pm until 1 am, Sam’s Town’s Extreme Bowling incorporates disco music, lighting, and effects on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Bowling at 12 o’clock in the morning

“Graveyard Shift” bowling, where pricing for weekday bowling between midnight and 10 am was only $1 per game previously, is very inexpensive.


The Sam’s Town Bowling Center offers several discounts and specials and their regular rates.

It’s not uncommon to see promotions like this at Sam’s Town’s Century 18 Theater, where a free bowling round can be held by showing your movie ticket.

A five-dollar movie ticket turned into a delightful day of movies and bowling for us since we’re such cheapskate cheapskate cheapskate cheapskate cheapskate cheapskates. Just $5.25 per person, plus the cost of bowling shoes.

This movie/bowling comp was a welcome respite for my money and spirit after losing $200 in a flash at the craps table.

Additionally, there are “All You Can Bowl” hours and family packages that include bowling, shoe rentals, nachos, and soda for as many as six individuals.

The Location and Contact Information for Sam’s Town Bowling Alley

The north entrance to Sam’s Town, as previously stated, is the most direct route. As a result, you should park at the parking garage on the northwest side of the resort, just off E. Flamingo Road.

The following is the precise address:

511 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV. 89122

Phone Number: (702) 456-7777

Notice that this is just the address for Sam’s Town in this particular case. You may be taken to the bowling alley by the staff.

The Pro Shop at Sam’s Town Bowling Center

K&K Bowling Services is the name of the pro shop within the bowling alley. Sam’s Town has a distinct phone number, which you can find here. It’s:

702) 454-8034

They provide a wide variety of bowling-related merchandise, including t-shirts, shoes, bowling balls, ball bags, and bowling shoe sets.

As part of K&K Bowling Services, K&K Bowling Services also manages the pro shops at the Gold Coast, Sun Coast, and Orleans bowling complexes.

With so many things to do in the city of Sin City, I was surprised to discover that Sam’s Town Bowling Center is a great option for a low-cost, kid-friendly distraction while you’re there. It’s a great option for families on a budget, and it’s highly kid-friendly.

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