Rio Las Vegas Buffet: Prices, Hours & Menu for the Carnival World Buffet 2022

Many hotel reviews have downgraded the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. Carnival World Buffet, meantime, seems to have caught the attention of many Las Vegas buffet veterans.

It’s no secret that the Rio Hotel and Casino’s buffet is one of the best.

A few years ago, the Rio was home to two highly recognized buffets, maybe the two greatest in the city. Since then, the distinct Seafood buffet has combined with the Carnival World buffet to form a bigger super-buffet with over 300 menu items.

There is a long-serving queue at the Carnival, one of Sin City’s largest buffets.

It’s also one of the few Las Vegas buffets that don’t offer breakfast. A weekend brunch is still being served. However, the lunch service was discontinued in the summer of 2017.

This year, they eliminated several seafood meals by removing the upgrade of seafood choice. July 2018 saw the first price increase, followed by another in July 2019. They are as follows at the moment:

Costs & Hours for the Carnival World Buffet

Brunch with a Side of Champagne

(Saturday & Sunday): 9 AM to 3 PM: $29.99


(Monday – Thursday): 4 PM to 9 PM: $34.99

(Friday): 4 PM to 9:30 PM: $34.99

(Saturday/Sunday): 3 PM to 9:30 PM $34.99

Please be aware that the 8.38 percent Clark County/Las Vegas sales tax is not included in these rates. After taxes, a weekend supper buffet for two (34.99 x 2) costs $75.75.

A new discount for residents has just been introduced. A Nevada driver’s license and a Caesars Rewards card must obtain this 25% discount on the buffet’s price.

On your birthday, you’ll be able to take advantage of a buy one, get one free offering. For the month of your birthday, you get to dine for free if you can bring three paying clients.

Buffet of Buffets Pass holders has free access to the Carnival World Buffet as part of their purchase. Previously, if you wanted to use your ticket at the Carnival Buffet, you had to pay an extra $25 cost. Your BOB pass does not charge an upgrading fee.

If you’d want to avoid the buffet queues, you may buy a VIP ticket for $20.

All-You-Can-Drink Buffet during the Rio Carnival

There is an all-you-can-drink option at Rio’s buffet. Unlimited draught beers and wine are available for an additional $13. (house white or red).

And, as the name says, the Champagne brunch on Saturday and Sundays includes unlimited champagne and mimosas.

Children’s Prices

Each buffet costs $15 for children between the ages of 5 and 12. (regardless of the day). Teenagers pay full price.

Below is a list of menu items you will commonly find at the evening buffet.

Rio Buffet Menu Items

Carnival’s massive buffet has the usual array of stations, but there are more options here than in other Las Vegas buffets. At the time of this writing, buffet meals and selections comprised the following:


There are the make-your-own salads with three different kinds of greens to select from and all the Fixin’s you could want, fresh fruit (unlike the canned fruit you frequently find at Vegas buffets), including melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, and pineapple.

Pre-made salads include a crab & shrimp salad, macaroni salad, classic potato salad, and chilled veggies. There’s even a tiny vegetarian selection here.


Teppanyaki cooking is a popular feature. The sushi selection is less impressive, with just a few staples (spicy tuna roll, California roll, etc.). Noodle dishes may also be found in the Japanese section.

The made-to-order soup station, where a chef cooks your food right before you, is a big draw for many. On a recent visit, the comprehensive soup selections were: egg noodles, Vietnamese pho, Udon noodles soup, egg drop, wonton, rice noodle soup with tom yum broth, and a hot & sour soup. Fish, beef, and chicken dumplings are acceptable additions to your meal.


Just your basic cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, tilapia, and green chili, as well as a nacho bar with all of the fixings (nacho cheese and refried beans and all of the other toppings you’d find at a standard nacho bar), as well as a bowl of Menudo soup, are on the menu.


A wide variety of hot foods, including fried rice and green curry chicken with various sauces to choose from: soy, plum, chili, and sweet & sour are available here.

There is a shrimp har gow (or dim sum shrimp dumplings), BBQ pork buns, pork & shrimp shumai, pig ribs, and many meat dishes, including duck.


Make-your-own Caesar salad bar and a modest but well-regarded pizza portion are located at the Italian station. They normally receive bad ratings for buffet-style pizza; however, the four pies at this establishment garner reviews for their deliciousness.

There is also spaghetti with a meat sauce or a meat-free marinara, beef lasagna, and clams with garlic and parsley on the menu.


The baked fish is a special treat that you won’t find at any other local buffet. The American station also features fried shrimp, French fries, chicken wings, mashed potatoes with brown or white gravy, seasoned veggies, and teriyaki pork ribs.

A Station for Carving

Along with the buffet standard: Prime rib, you’ll discover roasted pork loin, roasted turkey, baked ham, beef ribs, rotisserie chicken, and sides like corn on the cob, and mushroom rice, among others.

At Carnival, you’ll find a wider selection of meats than at other Vegas buffets, such as grilled pineapple, beef hot dogs, grilled pig belly, tiny corn dogs, and chicken sate.

In addition, you’ll get peel-and-eat shrimp, blue crab soup, and fried catfish at this establishment.

It still has sushi, peel and eats shrimp, fried shrimp, green mussels, ceviche shooters (ahi tuna poke), catfish (fresh cod), and fresh salmon on the buffet, despite the removal of the seafood upgrade.

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Additionally, Carnival has a wide variety of fruit pies, including cherry, blueberry, and, of course, apple, which are all delicious.

Flan, fruit tarts, and Crème Brulee are some of the other desserts. Sugar-free treats are also available in this section.

There used to be a Gelato section with ten distinct flavors, one of which was green tea. However, a recent visitor informed me that the gelato had been replaced with soft-serve ice cream.

Make-your-own Pepsi machines, juices, teas, and coffees are available at the Carnival beverage station. The beverage station is now self-serve, as opposed to previous years.

Phone for the Carnival Buffet

To book a table for big gatherings, which they describe as 14 or more people, you may call this number.

702 731-7778

In addition, if you’re a Caesars Rewards Diamond member, you’ll be able to skip the queue and dine in a private dining area.

Whereas the Rio’s Carnival World Buffet used to be a must-visit for Las Vegas buffets, it has since fallen out of favor (in my view). But it may be worth your time if you can get a reasonable price (we’ve loved Groupon deals at $69.99 for two, including drinks).

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