Pawn Stars Location – Distance from Strip, Parking, & Can you Walk to it?

Since its debut on the History Channel in 2012, Pawn Stars has become a sensation, and its popularity appears to be unstoppable.

As a diehard fan of the program, I can attest that visiting the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas is an absolute must.

Pawnshops are a common sight in Las Vegas, and one of the most prominent is located on South Las Vegas Boulevard. The Las Vegas Strip is also known as Las Vegas Boulevard. However, the Pawn Stars store is not officially on the Strip.

That three-mile length of road between the Strip and Fremont Street in historic Las Vegas is where it is located.

Up to 5,000 visitors, a day are said to stop by the Gold & Silver Pawn store to meet the reality show stars, view the renowned digs they see on TV, or even purchase or pawn anything (and this is a notion).

The location of Pawn Stars

The Pawn Stars Shop is located on the right side of Las Vegas Boulevard as you go from the Strip to Fremont Street. It’s located at the following address:

Pawn Stars Las Vegas Address

713 S. Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV. 89101
Phone: (702) 385-7912

Las Vegas Boulevard, between Gass and Garces, is the east side of the street on which it is located. You may park in one of the two parking areas to the south or north of the business. You’ll recognize the area if you’ve ever seen a vehicle or motorbike vendor haggle in the south parking lot. Pre- and post-interviews with clients are conducted here, as well.

The Pawn Stars business is marked with a black star on this map. Downtown Fremont Street is represented by purple, while a yellow star symbolizes the Las Vegas Strip’s heart.)

Please be aware that these parking places fill up rapidly and it is difficult to get a spot. You should be aware that parking there is prohibited for huge trucks and other enormous vehicles.

This parking lot is just across the street from Garces’s Pawn Stars parking lot. Behind a huge kiosk offering Las Vegas tours, you’ll find it.

Along with the parking lots of Pawn Stars and Garces, there are other options. At night, I’m not sure how safe it is near the business, but it was OK for me there during the day.

The neighborhood has a bad reputation. This seedy, dilapidated adult establishment, dubbed “Showgirl Video,” has been converted from an abandoned gas station across the street from the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Between the Strip and the Pawn Stars shop, the distance

However, I would not consider the Pawn Stars business within walking distance, not because of the distance but rather due to the shop’s harsher position on the Strip.

The shop is a long distance from the southern end of the Strip.

You could walk from MGM Grand to Pawn Stars in an hour and a half by remaining on the Strip the whole time.

It’s simpler to go around the middle Strip homes, but they’re still not walkable. For example, going from Caesars Palace or the Flamingo to the Gold & Silver would need around an hour and a half of walking time.

Pawn Stars is still more than two and a half miles away from Circus Circus, the Wynn, and the Venetian.

The 1.2-mile walk from the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino to Pawn Stars takes around a half-hour.

The distance between Downtown Fremont Street and the Pawn Stars Store.

In ancient Vegas, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is around 0.6 miles away from Fremont Street.

But even if it’s just a short distance, I wouldn’t walk it since (A) the neighborhood surrounding the Pawn Stars business isn’t fantastic and (B) the heat in Las Vegas is oppressive.

It would just take you around 15 minutes to walk there.

Driving or using public transportation would be preferable options…

Pawn Stars may be reached by bus from downtown Fremont Street.

The pawn business is about an 8-minute bus ride away from Fremont Street. The Deuce is Las Vegas’ convenient and user-friendly bus system.

Get out at Las Vegas Boulevard and go east on Fremont Street to get on the Deuce. When you get to the Neonopolis retail center, you can get off.

From there, it’s a short eight-minute walk to the Hoover bus stop. The Deuce will drive by the pawn store, then stop farther down the road. On the opposite side of Las Vegas Boulevard, the Pawn Stars shop is a short walk from the Hoover bus stop.

Instead, you might get off at the “Clark” bus stop, the first stop on the route. This bus stop can be reached in about two minutes. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is a five-minute walk from there.

If you ride the SDX (Strip/Downtown Express), you’ll get on and off at a separate location. On Casino Center Drive, just off the Fremont Street Experience, you’ll find Binions, where you’ll board the SDX.

The Bonneville Transit Center is where you want to get off. The pawn store is a 4-tenths-of-a-mile walk east on Garces Avenue from there.

Pawn Stars may be reached via bus from the Las Vegas Strip.

Get off at Bonneville Transit Center, Garces, and walk five minutes to the Pawn Stars shop from the Deuce or SDX. You can’t go much closer to Las Vegas Boulevard on your way to Caesars Palace.

The Pawn Stars business may be reached by bicycle.

A return station for the Las Vegas bike-share program (“RTC Bike Share”) may be found directly outside the store’s parking lot if you desire to use it.

The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawnshop is a must-see for every Big Bang Theory fan, regardless of how you get there.

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