Palms A.Y.C.E. Buffet: Prices, Hours & Menu 2022

One of the greatest buffets in Las Vegas has opened, and the new one is being lauded as such. In terms of its worth, this is particularly true.

The Palms’ previous Bistro Buffet had a $6 million renovation and reopened as the A.Y.C.E. Buffet in December 2017. All-you-can-eat” is the acronym for the restaurant’s policy.

Despite the buffet’s low price, it boasts a clean, sophisticated décor that encourages you to stay and taste everything in what the Palms terms “an open food hall environment.”

A.Y.C.E. has a wide variety of unique dishes, such as spicy buffalo mac’n’cheese and jackfruit enchiladas, that aren’t available anywhere else.

USB plugs beneath the booths, which let you charge your phone while you dine, are another rarity. There are seven stations, which will be discussed in further detail below.

Buffet Prices & Hours at Palms A.Y.C.E.

Like other buffets in Vegas, individuals having a player’s card will pay less than those without one.

Because Palms Casino is a Stations Casino facility, you’ll need to utilize your BoardingPass card to access this buffet. Even if you don’t intend to spend any money at the buffet, getting a free boarding pass before you arrive is a smart move since you’ll be eligible for the discount even if you don’t.

For simplicity, the costs listed below apply to everyone holding a boarding pass at the basic level (the red card is referred to as “Preferred”). You’ll pay between $4 and $5 more than the rates shown below without a card.

You may save up to $6 for players who have accumulated many points and have achieved the “Gold” level or above.

Breakfast: from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Mondays through Fridays, the cost is $10.99.

Brunch: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday – $19.99

Lunch: Every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.: $13.99 for lunch.

Dinner: 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday: $19.99*

On Sundays, the buffet closes at 8 p.m. In addition, they are regular pricing, and they will rise over the holidays.

For non-holiday dinners for two, you can expect to pay $43.28 after-tax, which is a respectable price for a non-holiday meal (but before tip).

Buffet at A.Y.C.E. Palms for Children

For starters, children under the age of three eat free of charge, while those aged 11 and above pay the same as adults.

Between the ages of three and ten, children pay the following:

Breakfast: $8.99

Lunch: $11.99

Dinner: $17.99 (all days)

Brunch: $17.99

A.Y.C.E. Buffet Menu at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

At A.Y.C.E., there are seven food stations, as previously stated. You won’t find them when it comes to “Asian” stations and “Mexican” stations.

Each station is divided according to how the meal is made. The Greenery, The Hearth, The Roastery, World Pan, Smoke & Fire, Revival & Sweet & Light are the names of these stations.

The Palms’ executive chef, who formerly worked at Stations-sister property Red Rock Casino Resort, has a stellar track record. With a new buffet and a well-regarded chef, there may be numerous changes to the menu, meaning some of the items shown below may not be there during your visit.

The buffet may alter for festivals and other occasions as well, as it did during Passover in March and April. Most of the things we’ve listed below are likely to be present during a regular visit.


On the menu, you’ll find the standard omelet station and bagels with four different cream kinds of cheese, including smoked salmon cream cheese.

In addition to eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and other breakfast staples such as oatmeal, biscuits, gravy, and Cream of Wheat, there is a wide variety of options for breakfast.

Cinnamon rolls and sticky buns with caramel sauce are the most decadent offerings. Mini cream puffs and chocolate croissants were among the other pastries on display.

Another non-traditional item on the breakfast buffet is smoked-brisket eggs, Benedict. Other options include:

  • Apple-raisin-walnut salad.
  • Breakfast potato salad.
  • Johnnycakes (cornmeal pancakes with fire-roasted jalapeño syrup).

The breakfast quesadillas that I observed at a recent brunch may not be offered at breakfast buffets.

Freshly squeezed juices, a watermelon salad, a selection of fruits, and even crispy “bacon” made from eggplant are among the menu’s healthier alternatives.

Champagne is included in the price of Saturday and Sunday brunch entry.

The following is a brief description of each of the seven food stations:

The Flora and Fauna

The pre-made salad selections include:

  • A watermelon citrus salad.
  • Olive salad.
  • Roasted eggplant salad.
  • Pesto pasta salad.
  • A loaded potato salad in addition to the conventional buffet salad bar.

Bread, a pre-made wedge salad, and a shrimp cocktail in individual portions are also available.

The Fire.

New England clam boil (individually served), French onion soup (individually served), Spicy Buffalo Mac and Cheese (individually served), and pizza are all on the menu in this area.

Stromboli (meat and vegetarian), lasagna, red curry mussels, roasted asparagus, and elite (including a spicy Cheetos elote) round out the menu. (Elote is a kind of grilled street corn from Mexico.)

The Roastery is a coffee shop.

The ham, turkey, and roast beef are offered at A.Y.C.E.’s carving station.

If you’re a vegetarian, don’t skip the carving station. A.Y.C.E. offers a roasted cauliflower steak with curry sauce that doesn’t seem half bad.

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, short ribs from Korea, carne asada with tortillas, and more can all be found on the menu.

The pantheon of the world

In addition to the Moroccan Lamb entrée (served in individual servings), you’ll discover delicacies worldwide, like Chicken Gumbo and steamed rice.

Also on the menu are general tso chicken, Singapore noodles, Chinese chicken salad, Mongolian beef, pork Panang curry, and two kinds of poke bowls: salmon and tuna.

You may choose from 13 different toppings at a cold ramen noodle station, including cilantro, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, etc.

At supper, I think the walnut shrimp is one of the most popular items on the buffet.

Potstickers, spring rolls, egg fu yung, and a duck cassoulet are all available at this station.

Fire and Smoke

This is for your carnivores, as you would expect. On the menu, you’ll find everything from brisket to chicken hushpuppies to blackened catfish and everything in between.


As a result of these efforts, the Palms offers a wide variety of healthy foods.

Revival contains vegan stuffed peppers (vegan chili, spinach & artichoke dip (with pita bread), black bean bolognese (jackfruit chili), pita chips (hummus/baba-ganoush) with hummus, and cauliflower grits (cauliflower, quinoa) with rainbow chard hash).

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Intensely Delicate

The dessert station at A.Y.C.E. is the first one I’ve seen with a station for making custom cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Choosing the “bread” (chocolate chip cookie, sugar cookie, peanut butter cookie, or oatmeal raisin cookie) is the first step in creating your custom ice cream or gelato sandwich.

Beyond the typical suspects (vanilla and strawberry), I saw cappuccino, spumoni, and stracciatella gelato among the new offerings. The chef will add your preferred toppings to complete the cookie sandwich, such as sprinkles, M&Ms, etc.

In addition, there are lemon meringue squares, peanut butter mousse, apple cobbler, cinnamon roll bread pudding, macaroons (in pistachio, coconut, vanilla, lemon, and more), opera cake, and the like to choose from.

Vegan brownies and vegan coconut cookies are examples of non-traditional sweets. Sugar-free treats are also available in considerable numbers.


Instead of self-serve drink kiosks like you’ll find at Las Vegas buffets, waiters and waitresses deliver beverages right to your table.

As one of the best buffets in Las Vegas, A.Y.C.E. Buffet has swiftly made a name for itself with its low prices, high-quality food, and unique selection.

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