Mirage Volcano Show Times April 2022: Hours & Schedule

The exploding Mirage Volcano was the legendary entertainment show in Las Vegas before the Bellagio dancing fountains or the Fremont Street Light Show.

The Mirage’s “exploding volcano” remains as popular and magnificent as ever, even though other free casino attractions (MGM Grand’s Lion Habitat, “Pirates of T.I.”, etc.) have faded away.

When it first launched in 1989, this was a huge accomplishment.

Since the Bellagio fountains began in 1996, the Volcano has had two refurbishments and improvements. The most recent one took place in 2008 when the resort shut down the attraction for nine months to perform a 25 million dollar renovation of the legendary spectacle.

All visitors to Las Vegas should view the Mirage volcano at least once in their lifetime. Red smoke, blazing fire, and water spouts combine to create an impressive performance, which takes place against the stunning background of a modern hotel and casino. Best of all, it is completely free!

The whole four-and-a-half-minute program may be seen in one sitting.

The Mirage Volcano performance timings have been announced. Each month, we provide this breakdown, which you can see here.

The Mirage Volcano is expected to erupt in 2022.

The following is a list of the Mirage Volcano’s upcoming events:

Every Day of the Week7 PM8 PM, 9 PM, 10 & 11 PM

Events may be canceled due to inclement weather, even though these are the official, advertised hours from the source (The Mirage). You don’t want the prospective consumers to be scalded to death by boiling lava.

Remember that the performance usually draws a sizable audience. Even more so, given that there are only three performances a night. Let me rephrase that: get there early.

Places to View the Mirage Volcano

Several excellent sites to watch from, including the promenade along the Las Vegas Strip and the Mirage valet parking lot. You’ll have a better view from the sidewalk if you lean to the left of the lagoon (when looking at it from the Strip)…

There’s another great view on the second level of the Outback Steakhouse on the Las Vegas Strip, across the street from the Volcano and above the Casino Royale.

FAQs –

How Often Is the Mirage Volcano Eruptive?

Every night at 7 p.m., the Mirage Volcano goes off at the top of the hour, through to and including 11 p.m. every hour.

Do the Mirage Volcano’s eruptions occur frequently?

In the middle of the night, five times a week, the Mirage Volcano erupts.

The Mirage Volcano Show lasts for how long?

The 4-and-a-half-minute Mirage Volcano display has everything from the beginning to the end.

In Las Vegas, who built the Mirage Volcano?

To launch on November 22, 1989, Steve Wynn constructed the Mirage Hotel & Casino, and Don Brinkerhoff, a California landscape design company based in Los Angeles, created the volcano, complete with tropical vegetation.

Here’s some more information about the Mirage Volcano

  • With that in mind, it’s a little over four and a half minutes long. A lesser-known Indian musician, Zakir Hussain, will also be included in the show’s musical accompaniment. The soundtrack for the eruption resulted from a collaboration between the two.
  • Water shoots up to 120 feet in the air from the Volcano. Meanwhile, natural gas jets spew fire under the Volcano’s shadow from the lagoon. Flames and water create the volcano dance like the Bellagio fountains, except with fire.
  • The Mirage’s jets are scented with Pina Colada to mask the odor of natural gas. During your stay, see if you can detect the scent.
  • The special effects firm “WET” was responsible for the initial Volcano’s technological design in 1989. The Bellagio fountains were designed by this firm, and they upgraded the Mirage Volcano display in 2008.
  • Original Mirage owner Steve Wynn’s harrowing narrative of the resort’s opening night is recounted in “Winner Takes All,” the famous business book about casino competitiveness on the Las Vegas Strip. Minutes before the first anticipated eruption of the Volcano, according to Wynn, a drunken guy leaped into the lagoon at the resort.

When security pulled the guy out of the water, Wynn (and more importantly, the alcoholic) were spared the dangers of the natural gas-fired jets’ force and heat, which might have inflicted serious injury (or perhaps death) on the man.

  • The Mirage volcano has been in several films throughout the years. Among them are Vegas Vacation and Indecent Proposal.
  • Visit Mirage.com for further information from the company’s website.
  • One hundred twenty fire shooters are used to hurl blazing embers into the air. At 60 feet, one of the fire shooters can shoot.
  • There used to be a half-hour interval between the volcanic display starting at sunset and ending at midnight. When MGM Resorts (the proprietors of the Mirage) announced a considerably reduced schedule in 2015, everything changed.
  • MGM Resorts revealed in November of 2021 that the Mirage would be put up for sale. The new owners will maintain this venerable piece of the Vegas Strip’s history intact with any luck.

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