MGM Grand Buffet Prices, Hours & Menu 2022

The legendary MGM Grand Buffet is returning to Las Vegas for another year! Somewhat.

The buffet is only available for breakfast and lunch, and there is no evening buffet. More on it in a moment.)

The MGM Grand, the world’s biggest hotel with almost 5,000 rooms, demands a buffet to accommodate the crowd.

According to most reviews, it has a huge, clean, and reasonably priced buffet compared to some of the other Strip casino buffets, such as the costly Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace, which has a reputation for being one of the best on the Strip.

In Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Buffet is situated just outside the large MGM Grand hotel’s main entrance on the Strip. Just beyond the sportsbook and Centrifuge bar, you’ll find it.

Table service by waiters and waitresses has been discontinued at the MGM Grand Buffet. This means that in addition to your meal, you’ve always had the option of getting a self-service beverage (pop, milk, tea, water, flavored water, etc.).

It’s a crowded buffet here. As part of a vacation package (popular when booking a trip via Southwest), many of the MGM Grand’s buffet clients are here because they got a complimentary buffet from MGM.

It has been customary for the MGM Grand to provide resort credit to customers who use it for dining for free at the hotel’s famous buffet.

Prices & Hours for the MGM Grand Buffet

The MGM Grand Buffet’s current pricing is as follows:

Monday & Thursday (8 AM – 3 PM)$27.99
Tuesday – WednesdayClosed
Friday, Saturday & Sunday (8 AM – 3 PM)$36.99

Please be aware that the 8.38 percent combined sales tax in Las Vegas is not included in these rates. As a result, the cost of a two-person buffet on the weekend is $80.18 after taxes.

These rates are also valid for children aged six and above. All children under the age of five are entitled to a free meal.

On-Demand Buffet Passes at MGM Grand’s Buffet

The MGM Grand’s skip-the-line pass costs $15 more per person and allows you to secure your seat ahead of time.

During the week, pre-tax reservations cost $42.99 per person, while weekend reservations cost $51.99 per person (which includes Fridays). If you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled visit, you will not be charged a penalty.

Breakfast & Brunch Buffets at MGM Grand

You may find everything from scrambled eggs and bacon to French toast, French toast and waffles to cheese blintzes to corn-beef hash and biscuits and gravy on the breakfast/brunch menu at any given week the MGM Grand.

Blueberry blintzes and “loaded breakfast potatoes” are also on the menu.

Roasted turkey, baked ham, brisket, and top beef round are all available for carving at the various stations.

A yogurt bar offers fruit and other healthful options. Pre-made Caesar Salad is also available at the MGM Grand’s Buffet. Smoked salmon, capers, red onion, tomatoes, and other ingredients may be found in the lox bagel area. Honeydew, watermelon, and more are examples of fresh fruits.

Salami, pepperoni, and other sliced meats and cheeses, including smoking gouda, are available in a small deli section.

Breakfast bread and pastries, such as banana nut muffins, croissants, and the like, may be found all over the place. This buffet has two omelet stations, which is a good perk since it keeps the line moving.

Ranch-style chive mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and corn on the cob make up the comfort food segment.

Main meals in this region include Rockfish in Jamaican Rum Sauce; Green Pork Chile; Pineapple Glazed Barbecue Pork; Meatloaf; Baked Cod; Vegetable Lasagna; Baked Chicken; and Baked Chicken.

Clam chowder and broccoli cheddar were among our soups during our stay. Cheese grits, oatmeal, and cream of wheat were also available at this location.

Some of the seafood options to the left in this section are crawfish, shrimp cocktail, mussels, clams, and oysters on the half-shell. There were four different types of sushi, to my knowledge.

Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, and Cheerios are all included in the buffet’s basic cereal option.


At a breakfast buffet, you can have dessert!

In this section, you’ll discover bread pudding topped with Oreos, peanut butter chips, sprinkles and chocolate chips. In addition to this, there is an incredible array of attractively designed, individually served parfait cups, mousse, custard, cakes, tarts (including a lovely Key Lime one), cupcakes, and brownies.

A selection of Minute Maid juices and lemonade are available from a vending machine, as are whole milk, 2 percent milk, and chocolate milk, as well as coffee and hot tea (including Japanese Nishimura tea packages). Freestyle drink machines such as Coke’s provide a seemingly infinite range of tastes. According to my tally, there are 10 distinct flavors of Fanta alone.

The Excalibur Buffet pricing

Unlimited Drinks at the MGM Grand Buffet

Buffet visitors may pay an extra $18.99 to enjoy unlimited beer, wine, and mimosas. The deal may be on and off at any time, so be sure to check back often.

If you’d like, you may also order by the glass. Unfortunately, the complimentary champagne and mimosas offered at weekend brunch are no more.

The menu at the Grand MGM Hotel & Casino Buffet Dinner

The remainder of the buffet’s pre-covid shutdown language may be seen here. Once the meal is presented again, we’ll update this post.

After taxes, the “Grand Dinner” buffet on Friday and Saturday nights (at $42.99 per person) would total $93.07 for two persons.

Compared to other Las Vegas buffets, you’ll see that MGM Grand Buffet’s pricing is rather affordable. The weekend brunch is very affordable, at little under $63 per person, becoming rare on the Strip. I think it’s a good deal since the weekend brunch includes complimentary champagne and mimosas.

Drinks on the House at the Dinner Platter

Every night of the week, the dinner buffets include limitless beer and wine. Bud Light and Coors Light are, I think, the available brews at this establishment. They recently had a Chardonnay, White Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon from Liberty Creek.

Bottomless Bloody Marys, bellinis, margaritas, and other mixed drinks are available during dinner for an extra $9. More high-end brews are part of this makeover as well.


Everything from mac & cheese to crab legs (on weekends) to pizza to prime rib is available at the buffet, as is traditional in Las Vegas.

Fresh sushi, oysters, spicy tuna rolls, shrimp (butterfly shrimp, Creole shrimp, etc.), and mussels are some delicacies served at the seafood station.

The Colorado Chili and brisket were among the popular dishes at the MGM Grand Buffet.

Pre-made salads are also available, including crab and the standard salad bar. There’s even a section for organic salads.

Also available are several Chinese meals, fried chicken and corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes and gravy with dim sum and lamb at supper.

An additional pasta of the day is also available on the dinner menu. The short burgundy ribs are a big draw here, but the rest of the buffet isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

Most of the normal weekday meals are included in the weekend Gourmet Dinner buffet, which is served on Friday and Sunday evenings. You’ll also be able to have Dungeness crab, snow crab, and crab claws on these three evenings (subject to availability).

Other Friday and Sunday night specials include a variety of fresh seafood and steaks cooked to request.


This is a good thing since it enables you to experience a variety of desserts without overeating or putting on weight that you don’t need to.

The fried Twinkies, cheesecake shots, a Bailey’s Cheesecake, and Mango yogurt mousse are just a few unusual things on the MGM Grand Buffet menu.

The Strawberry profiteroles, simply strawberry cream puffs, were a new food I had never heard of before.

Get the Web Address and Phone Number of MGM Grand Buffet

Please call (702) 891-1111 if you have any queries regarding the buffet. One of MGM Grand’s most important numbers.) You’ll be told to press “2” to begin your meal.

At the following phone number, you may reserve a table for groups of 15 or more:

(702) 891-7433

The official MGM Grand buffet page may be located at Buffet at the MGM Grand.

All-Day Passes and Buffet Deals at the MGM Grand

You may get two complimentary buffets every night when you book a hotel at MGM for a limited time. These two buffet tickets may be used for any meal of the day. Because of the higher price of the evening buffet, it is more financially advantageous for you to utilize your free ticket at dinner.

Many individuals have told me about utilizing the popular MyVegas app’s points to gain buy-one, get-one-free buffet vouchers. To earn points for freebies and discounts at MGM Resorts locations, players may use the official MGM Resorts mobile slot game, MyVegas, on their phones. It’s a bummer that these BOGO passes appear in high demand and hence are hard to come by.

As for the All-Day Buffet Pass, what do you think? The MGM Grand Buffet once offered a 24-hour ticket that allowed you to visit as many times as you wanted for the price of one (akin to Caesars Entertainment’s Buffet of Buffets pass). The MGM Resorts buffet pass has been discontinued.

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