Las Vegas Water Parks – Closest One to the Strip & Prices 2022

Hot, dry summers in Las Vegas make it an ideal location for outdoor water parks because of the city’s long growing season and many sunny days.

Those who want to cool down while having some fun thrills may visit one of two large-scale water parks in the Las Vegas region.

Even though Mandalay Bay, with its big beach, wave pool, and lazy river, might be considered a mini-water park in and of itself on the Las Vegas Strip, we’re only looking at the larger destination waterparks in the valley. Here in the Las Vegas region.

Cowabunga Bay and Cowabunga Canyon (previously Wet n’ Wild) are the two Las Vegas water parks.

There is now a single owner for both parks, bringing the previous Wet n’ Wild into the Cowabunga clan. There are plenty of options for those who want something less intense than a roller coaster, a raft ride, or a gentle wave pool.

It’s hard to believe that there was a waterpark right on the Las Vegas Strip only a few years ago. Just south of the current Sahara Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, the original Wet’n’Wild was situated. It’s true that the Strip no longer has any water parks, but the two largest ones we’ll discuss below are just a short drive away (a combined 11 miles) from the Strip’s heart. In Henderson and Summerlin, respectively.

(Below, Cowabunga Canyon is shown in black, while in red, Cowabunga Bay.)

The Cowabunga Bay in Sin City

Cowabunga Bay, the newest water park in Las Vegas, is situated 11 miles southeast of the Strip in Henderson, Nevada.

There are 25 rides and attractions to choose from at the 23-acre park, which opened in 2014.

The park’s 35,000-square-foot wave pool is called Rama, and its lazy river, the Cowabunga River, is said to be the longest in Nevada.

The Cowabunga Kids Cove, a big shallow pool with multiple mini-slides, waterfalls, tipping buckets, and the like, is part of the resort’s kid-friendly area.

The park claims the Wild Surf is the world’s biggest man-made wave, and the Beach Blanket Banzai, a four-person raft ride that descends 600 feet of twists, turns, and splashes, are two of the park’s highlights for older children (and adults).

They have two of the park’s highest ridges, the Zuma Zooma and Surfin’ USA, which allow you to race against five other people face-to-face from a 55-foot height.

Prices for 2022 Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas Tickets

The following are the current pricing for the 2022 season:

Everyone 48 inches or taller:$44.99
Everyone under 48 inches tall:$32.99
Seniors (65 and over)$19.99

Purchases of Cowabunga Bay tickets may be made online or at the park; however, online purchases have cost $5 extra per person in the past. The $8 parking charge is still in force, I suppose.

When purchasing a one-day pass online, the costs shown above apply. In addition, season passes are offered.

The Cowabunga Bay Hours.

A link to their website and timetable is provided below, although, during the peak summer months, the park is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The first water park in Las Vegas to open this year was Cowabunga Bay, which opened on March 27. Only until May 26 is it available. Until August 8, it will be open every day of the week.

Until August 8, the park will only be open on Fridays and Sundays (including the closing day on September 25, 2022). Monday, September 5, is also when Cowabunga Bay is open, so keep that in mind (Labor Day).

Bullwinkle’s Boardwalk Grill, Duke’s Surfside Snacks, County Fair Sweets & Treats, Hawaiian Shave Ice, a funnel cake stand, and more are among the food choices at Wet’n’Wild. Adults may relax at the Bora Bora Bar, located in the hotel’s lobby.

Cowabunga Bay Address, Phone & Website

900 Galleria Drive
Henderson, NV. 89001
(702) 850-9000


Canyon of the Cowabungas The Sin City

Cowabunga Canyon renamed Wet’n’Wild in 2012, is situated on 20 acres of land near open space and mountains 11 12 miles southwest of the Las Vegas Strip’s core.

The Red Rock Bay wave pool, which holds 400,000 gallons, is one of 25 slides in the park.

A 10,000-square-foot interactive aquatic playground with splash buckets, slides, water cannons, and more awaits children at Paradise Falls, while Kiddie Cove includes three slides for children under two.

Using a surfboard-style raft and buttons near the handles, you aim to score points by pressing the buttons as you make your way through a dark, neon-lit confined tube to your destination.

The “Tornado” funnel slide and the “Canyon Cliffs” severe drop ride in Cowabunga Canyon Las Vegas are other must-see attractions.

The Constrictor, the Rattler, and the Hoover Half-pipe are just a few of the many multi-passenger tube attractions available.

Drinks are available for purchase in a separate 21-and-older section of the park, including many restaurants and dessert kiosks.

Canyon of the Cowabungas Hours in Las Vegas in the year 2022

The park will be available to the public beginning on the weekend of May 28. No official date is set, but Saturday, May 28, 2022, is a good bet. Although the exact hours of operation haven’t been disclosed, it’s safe to assume that they’ll be the same as those at Henderson Water Park, which is 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends.

A look at ticket prices for Cowabunga Canyon in 2020.

Summerlin’s Cowabunga Canyon has published its daily ticket pricing for 2022:

General Admission (42 inches tall and over)$44.99
Youth (under 42 inches)$32.99
Senior (65 and older)$19.99

As of this update, the Twilight rates for entrance after 4 p.m. are not stated, but the previous year, they were.

Cowabunga Canyon is a popular Las Vegas attraction.

7055 S. Fort Apache Road
Las Vegas, NV. 89148


Season Pass to Cowabunga Water Parks

A new option for individuals who intend to visit the park three or more times throughout the season has been introduced due to the combination of the two waterparks.

For only $99 before taxes, you may enjoy unlimited visits to both parks throughout the year with the new “2022 Cowabunga Vegas” season pass (along with free parking to boot). Food and goods are also discounted by 15% and priority access.

When do the water parks in Las Vegas open?

Water parks in Las Vegas normally open in late March and close in late September to match the pool season on the Las Vegas Strip.

Cowabunga Bay was opened on March 27, 2022. Memorial Day weekend will mark the official opening of Cowabunga Canyon.

Water parks usually open on March’s third or last Saturday and shut on the last Sunday in September. This is customary.

A Waterpark in Las Vegas

The indoor water parks you’re accustomed to, such as Great Wolf Lodge or Kalahari Resorts, are not available in Las Vegas.

Several indoor municipal recreation centers are distributed across Las Vegas, so your best option for indoor water park fun is one of these facilities.

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