Jersey Boys Las Vegas Cast – Travis Cloer, Jeff Leibow, and Other Actors Who Have Helped Make the Musical a Strip Hit

(Update: Jersey Boys performed their final gig in Las Vegas on September 18, 2016. Below is the original article on the musical)

Even though I’m not a big fan of theatre, I was blown away by the Jersey Boys show in Las Vegas. Since its debut in 2008, this show has routinely ranked as one of the best in Las Vegas, thanks to its engaging storyline, stunning musical performances, and brilliant cast.

Jersey Boys premiered in Las Vegas on May 3, 2008, inside the then-brand-new Palazzo Hotel and Casino. (The Palazzo had opened barely four months prior).

The show’s producers revealed in September 2011 that they planned to transfer the production out of the Palazzo at the end of that year.

In 2012, the popular performance moved down the Strip to Paris Las Vegas, opening on March 6, 2012. On Sundays and Wednesdays through Saturdays, you can see Jersey Boys in the Paris Las Vegas showroom: Le Theatre Des Arts.

When the program airs on Tuesdays, viewers should expect a “dark” atmosphere. Most performance hours are at 7 p.m., except on Saturday, when it plays at 5 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.

It’s wonderful to have a good tale and enjoyable music, but if the show’s cast doesn’t perform, it’s all for naught. Fortunately, the Jersey Boys Las Vegas production has been graced, from show one, with an exceptionally amazing assortment of performances and voices. The following are a few of the actors that will be appearing in the film:

Jersey Boys Las Vegas Cast

Frankie Valli-In the Las Vegas Jersey Boys production, Travis Cloer has been playing Frankie Valli from the beginning. He appeared in the Broadway production a year before the Vegas show premiered.

Originally from Kansas City, Cloer attended Kansas State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theater.

He told that he first heard of Jersey Boys while residing in Nashville. He recorded three Frankie Valli songs and submitted them to the show’s producers because he wanted to participate. This succeeded, and Cloer has been an integral part of the show’s success in Las Vegas ever since.

He loves jazz and even recorded an album of his renditions of the genre. He had to take a three-week break from the program after injuring his vocal cords during a performance.

According to his website, Travis only performs the act four times each week. In April 2012, he gave birth to a baby girl (Andi) and a young boy. His wife, Jen Cloer, used to perform in the Treasure Island’s Sirens of T.I. performance. She and Travis met aboard a Celebrity Cruise Line ship, where they both worked as entertainment.

Graham Fenton — New Jersey native Graham Fenton alternates with Cloer for the part of Frankie Valli.

As Cloer’s understudy, Fenton began working on the Las Vegas production in 2008. In 2011, he returned to Las Vegas after a stint on the national tour.

“A Million Pieces” is Fenton’s other band. When he was a student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, he met fellow Las Vegas performer Nicole Kaplan, with whom he later married.

Rick Faugno, in addition to Cloer, was portrayed by Valli from the start of his tenure in Las Vegas. He departed Jersey Boys in October of 2011 and went on to perform in one-man shows. Off-Broadway shows are where he now performs.

Bob Gaudio — The foursome’s songwriter and Buck Hujabre are now portraying the character.

He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2004. He relocated to New York after working in Seattle’s theatrical scene to break into the big leagues. After two years of touring with the travelling production, Kappus joined the Jersey Boys Las Vegas ensemble in February 2014.

A self-described “CrossFit junkie,” Kappus is married and has a son and a dog.

On occasion, Buck Hujabre can play Bob Gaudio, Hank Majewski, and Billy Dixon.

In 2008, Buck was cast as Billy Dixon and traveled with the show’s touring production. Because he was eager to settle down following the birth of his second kid, producers urged him to join the Las Vegas production.

Hijab, a native of Louisiana, is a first-generation American (his parents are from Afghanistan). He was admitted into medical school after graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is happily married with two kids.

It’s worth noting that the guy who portrayed Bob Gaudio in Clint Eastwood’s film version of Jersey Boys also played Bob in the Las Vegas production. Erich Bergen, like Travis Cloer, started the performance at the Palazzo in 2008, and his name is included in the credits. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Bergen quit the program after 14 months.

Even in the film version, there was another former Las Vegas “Bob Gaudio.” In the film adaptation of Jersey Boys, Rob Marnell, who had previously portrayed Gaudio in Las Vegas, took on the character of Joe Long.

Nick Massi -Jason Martinez, who had previously played Norm Waxman, was given the role of Nick Massi in November 2014, after his long tenure on the show. “Living Out Loud” is the name of his band.

After Jeff Leibow, a longstanding Jersey Boys actor decided not to extend his contract, Martinez stepped into the role.

Since the show’s premiere at the Palazzo in May 2008, Leibow has portrayed Massi. His contract with the company expired in November 2014. (An estimated 2,800 shows). According to a report in the Las Vegas Sun, Leibow resigned to work for a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting neurofibromatosis (N.F.). The sickness affects his daughter.

Tommy DeVito-In November 2014, Daniel Robert Sullivan joined Jason Martinez and Tommy DeVito in the Jersey Boys Las Vegas production as a key cast member. From the Toronto production, he was brought in as a replacement.

“Places Please” is the title of his memoir on his adventures in the theatre.

Sullivan has also authored plays in addition to his biography. Hang gliding is one of his favorite pastimes.

Former Tommy DeVito actor Devin May made his farewell appearance on November 23, 2014, the same night as Jeff Leibow, another long-time cast member.

For seven years, May portrayed Tommy DeVito in the Vegas production of Jersey Boys. In December 2008, seven months after the first Sin City program aired, he was cast.

Other Jersey Boys Las Vegas Cast Members

Joe Barbara portrayed Gyp DeCarlo in the film. The former “Another World” star grew raised in the Sunshine State. He got his start on Broadway in the role of Danny Zuko in “Grease.” He has a wife and three children.

Crewe – Salvatore – Crewe

The part of Norm Waxman was formerly portrayed by Jason Martinez, who was promoted to play Nick Massi in November 2014. Erik Bates took up the role in December 2014. Previously, Bates had performed in the Vegas show as Frankie Valli, who Bates himself portrayed.

Billy Dixon – Mike Erickson

Mary Delgado – Merissa Haddad

Joe Pesci – Aaron DeJesus

Lorraine – Sarah Emick

Francine – Nikka Wahl

Barry Belson – Kris Coleman

Extras and Musicians: Jim McIntosh, Keith Hubacher

Jersey Boys Las Vegas “Swings” or understudies

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