Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas Food Court – List & Hours at the Castle Walk

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas boasts a large food court on the second floor that offers a wide variety of quick and inexpensive options.

There’s a food court called “Castle Walk Food Court” situated on the second floor of the casino above the Excalibur Buffet, and it’s very nearby.

Although it’s a little smaller than a typical casino food court in Las Vegas, it’s still one of the biggest. Both booths and tables may be found in ample supply.

The Excalibur Food Court has the following food and beverage options:

It’s Auntie Anne’s.

Pretzels, pretzel bits, pretzel-wrapped hot dogs, and more are all made right here in the city’s heart.

Breakfast and burgers

The McDonald’s that had previously occupied this property closed in July 2016, and the new restaurant opened in July 2016. At all MGM Resort locations on the Las Vegas Strip in April 2016, MGM Resort International (owners of the Excalibur) canceled their McDonald’s partnership.

All-day breakfast and a selection of hamburgers and fries are available at Breakfast & Burgers.

Breakfast & Burgers offers “alcohol-infused milkshakes” as an alternative to McDonald’s. Because they are a brunch spot and open quite early (6 a.m.).


Cinnamon buns and other baked goods have made them a household name. They begin serving customers at 7 a.m.

A bagel shop called Einstein Bros.

According to Einstein Bagels, this is the first site on the Las Vegas Strip to serve the iconic bagel. Every day, they open at 7 a.m.

A steamed dog on a stick

Hot dogs are available for purchase on a lollipop stick. In addition, there will be items such as grilled cheese on a stick, sweet funnel cake fries, and lemonade that has been “hand stomped.”.

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Donuts melt in your mouth because they are made to order and are always hot and fresh.

A 24-hour, seven-days-a-week service.

Stix is available for purchase.

Pick Up Stix serves Asian fast cuisine in the style of Panda Express, focusing on chicken and beef meals served with rice and noodles.

The Louisiana Kitchen at Popeyes

Chicken and biscuits in the fast-food manner of the South.


Quick and easy individual-sized pizzas. The Excalibur’s wedding chapel is also just over the street!


All the popcorn and caramel corn flavors and varieties you can think of are here. My favorite flavor is the almond toffee popcorn.

An excellent deli is located in the neighborhood of Schlotzsky.

It’s a swankier Subway, featuring oven-baked sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, and salads on the menu.


A Starbucks on the casino floor is open 24 hours a day on the weekends if this store is closed.


Excalibur’s food court is also home to “Big Chill,” a famous walk-up bar that serves frozen alcoholic beverages, but it’s not exactly a restaurant.

Open and Close Times for Excalibur’s Food Court

Although Excalibur’s food court is open twenty-four hours a day, several restaurants are only open for a limited amount of time, as you can see from the hours above. There are a few that remain open till 2 a.m., however.

It should also be mentioned that the Excalibur contains three more fast-food restaurants outside of the food court area.

There is a Dairy Queen location in the “Fun Dungeon” part of the Excalibur.

Baja Fresh, a fast-food Mexican restaurant, and Johnny Rockets, a popular hamburger business, are also present on the casino floor.

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Excalibur Food Court restaurants that are no longer there

Excalibur Food Court eateries that have since closed their doors are listed below.


It’s hard to miss this adorable food truck in the food court. Fries and their many toppings are the focus of the menu, including anything from nacho fries to sweet potato dessert fries to fries with an egg on top.. There are many variations on the theme.

Cafe Tropical Smoothie

Fresh fruit smoothies, of course, but also wraps, sandwiches, and salads can be found here at the Castle Walk Food Court.


Frozen yogurt with various toppings, such as 10 pounds of Butterfinger candy bars, is available at self-service locations. (At least, that’s how it seems to me.)

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