Circus Circus Las Vegas Free Show: Acts, Schedule & Midway Hours 2022

Exciting, amusing, and fun, it’s free, and it has air conditioning.

Regular performances of circus acts are featured at the Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Since the resort’s debut in 1968, the casino has relied on the charm of old-fashioned circus acts to attract and retain guests of all ages.

It was common for acrobats to perform bare feet above the gambling floor back in the day. Acrobats may perform directly above you while you’re playing blackjack.

Free concerts have remained the same despite changes to the set-up (there is now more distance between performers and players) and areas tacky, corny, and awesome.

You may sit back and enjoy a concert in Las Vegas without spending any money, which is a rare treat in this city.

The stage is located in the Carnival Midway area, above the casino floor, up a flight of steps. I’m a kid-friendly location with hundreds of electronic games and innumerable old-fashioned carnival games.

One of the Midway’s platform stages has a little grandstand space in front of it, in the heart of everything. There is just around sixty people’s worth of seats available. However, if it becomes packed, there are several places to watch the show in the Midway area and next to the stage.

It’s good to arrive at least five to ten minutes early if you’re visiting on the weekend or on a busy day in Vegas.

Free Shows at Circus Circus

Free and acceptable for all ages, the concerts are open to everyone. It was a great experience for our five and seven-year-olds. More than they did watch from a distance with their mother while I threw dice.

The variety of talents includes anything from your typical comical clown show to acrobatic demonstrations of incredible athleticism. “The World’s Largest Permanent Circus” is Circus Circus’ claim to fame.

There will be a rotating cast of acrobats, gymnasts, clowns, conjurers, jugglers, trapeze artists, balancing acts, and animal shows, but you can count on a continual stream of these performers. The dog rolling a man in a barrel seemed very funny to me for whatever reason.

International Act

Argentina, China, and everything in between seems to be well-represented. With many umbrellas, Ma Yu executes “Artful talents.” Another group is the “Free Laddermen,” who execute “Fantastic feats of balance and dexterity utilizing a ladder and the German wheel from Russia,” which is another group.

It’s surprising how good so many of the performers are considering it’s a free event. Some brilliant people here, as seen by the concerts I saw, which were much more enjoyable than I had anticipated. A recent presentation included two Chinese ladies who threw bowls on each other’s heads while riding unicycles high!

Midway Acts & Schedule at Circus Circus Midway

The show schedule is printed at the stage’s entrance, and a giant clock notifies visitors when the next performance will take place. However, depending on the day, a new show will take place every 12 hours or every 45 minutes.

Ten minutes is the average length of each show. However, the timetable is subject to change, but the one shown above is the most common. The official schedule from the resort may also be seen here: Performers in a Circus.

Hours of Operation of the Circus Circus

Hours and Games on the Midway at Circus Circus

The Circus Circus Midway encircles the circus stage on all sides.

Over 200 current electronic games are available, but the traditional, old-school state fair games are more likely to stick in your mind.

Afternoons and evenings are the following:

Sunday – Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM

Friday – Saturday: 11 AM to 11 PM

Tossing a ring or football or, my personal favorite, a horse in a skeet ball race means that your horse must gallop as quickly as the points you’ve accrued.

Playcard from Midway

Prepaid “Midway Play cards,” accessible at many kiosks, are used instead of actual cash to play the games.

Afterward, you may play any arcade or midway game with the Playcard.

The average price of a live-skill game is about $2. With at least two participants, a reward is always on the line. My 5-year-victory old’s against his older sister in the horse race game is worth much more than the 28-cent plush animal he received as a reward.

The Horse-A-Round Snack Bar and a gift store are also located on the Midway (which is now closed). Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas included a carousel bar utilized in the making of the movie.

Cirque du Soleil’s Midway activities and free shows on the upper level of Circus Circus make for a fun family day on the Strip.

To relax in air conditioning and watch an amusing circus act for free is a welcome change of pace in a town where cocktails may cost upwards of $18, and resort fees and parking fees abound.


Spending some time at the Circus Circus Midway has even another benefit. Parking at Circus Circus is free, in contrast to most of the Strip’s other hotels and casinos.

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