Circus Circus Adventuredome Theme Park: Prices & Hours 2022

At least one area of the Las Vegas Strip has been designated as a “family-friendly zone” where children (and their parents) may run and play without fear of being chased away by casino security officers, drunks, or racy flyers.

At Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, you’ll find the Adventuredome amusement park.

There are five acres of fun in the resort’s air-conditioned sanctuary in the rear, all wrapped under a pink glass dome.

The Circus Circus Adventuredome, which opened in 1993 and cost $90 million to build, attracts over 3 million people each year.

Domes of Adventure for the Cirque du Soleil

What about sights to see? According to Circus Circus, there are 25 attractions in the park.

Carousel, Ice Age 4-D movie, and El Loco roller coaster are just a few examples of available rides.

There is also a sling-shot attraction, bumper cars, and one of those giant fake boats that swing back and forth in the air.

The Adventuredome roller coaster Canyon Blaster

The Canyon Blaster roller coaster, which reaches speeds of up to 55 miles per hour, is the most popular ride. “The world’s first indoor double-loop double-corkscrew roller coaster,” says Circus Circus.

A new ride will be unveiled in November of that year. Gondolas rise and fall on each end of this classic “arm” trip. You’ve probably seen them at carnivals before. They’re called NebulaZ. “Spin through the air on this action-packed rollercoaster and catch big air with fantastic views of The Adventuredome!” is how the ride is advertised.

Although many of these rides are for our society’s more experienced (and daring) members, You may ask whether the Adventuredome is worth attending if you have small children, especially if they are 9 or younger.

I think so since there are many rides for the 9-year-olds to enjoy. The “Road Runner” and the “Miner Mike” are two examples of mini-roller coasters that are quick enough to excite even the youngest of guests while avoiding the terrifying drops.

The “Twistin Tea Cups” were debuted in 2021, a new Disney-style small teacup amusement.

It’s a good value for the price of a child’s unlimited membership to have access to the four “Family Rides,” three “Junior Rides,” and three different 4-D movies (including a new Scooby-Doo picture).

That’s a good point.

Costs of Admission to the Circus Circus Adventuredome is 2022

The Adventuredome does not charge a fee to enter. Aside from one photographer who wants to snap a picture of you against a background, you may just stroll straight inside the studio without any fuss.

For a short time, you were able to buy individual ride tickets. All-day passes are now the sole option. Recently, prices have gone up.

Without the $3 processing charge, all-day pass ticket pricing is as follows:

Junior Wristband$30 (Must be under 48 inches tall)
Regular Wristband$60 (48 inches tall or higher)
Toddlers Under 33 inches tallFree (with paying adult)

It doesn’t matter how young your kid is; if they’re 4 feet or taller, you’ll be required to pay the whole amount. The adult all-day ticket costs $43 after fees if purchased in advance on the official Circus Circus website; however, you may save money.

Coupons for Adventuredome

Coupons for savings at the Adventuredome, Midway games or both are regularly given to guests who book a stay at Circus Circus.

If you don’t plan on staying at the hotel, you may still get these vouchers for sale online. We just acquired a voucher for $4 off an all-day pass on eBay for $3.80, which included delivery (one coupon is good for up to four people.)

As a result, we saved $16 by purchasing this $3.80 coupon on eBay since we had four people in our household.

“2 for 1 all-day pass” vouchers are also available for sale on eBay. In my experience, the ones I have seen are only effective from Monday to Friday. You’d be better off using these 2 for 1 coupons than the $4 off coupon at Adventuredome if you go during the week.

Military Discount at Adventuredome

I’m not sure what the military discount is, but Circus Circus suggests calling this number at Nellis Air Force Base for further information: (702) 652-2193.

The child rides are a great way to save money, but the adult rides were either too tall or unattractive for my 5- and 8-year-olds on a recent visit. You may save a lot of money in this situation by not buying adult tickets at all.

My wife and I did just that. The kids were having a blast on the rides while we relaxed on benches in the air conditioning, saving us $80. However, I spent that $80 and more on the Wheel of Fortune machine afterward, but that’s irrelevant.

In addition to the 17 rides that are included in the ticket price,

Cirque de Soleil Adventuredome Hours of Operations

Monday – Thursday1 PM – 8 PM
Friday11 AM – Midnight
Saturday10 AM – Midnight
Sunday10 AM – 9 PM

Visit the official website to see the most up-to-date schedule and hours: The Adventuredome of the Circus Circus.

It’s also good to check in with the Adventuredome directly at (702) 794-3939 to see if any of its attractions have been closed for maintenance.

You can avoid long queues at theme parks like Disneyland, Disney World, and Universal Studios by arriving early.

Consider avoiding Sunday afternoons if you’re visiting Las Vegas when locals frequent the park during the school year.

Thanks to a slew of birthday celebrations and the usual influx of visitors to Las Vegas, Saturday afternoons are especially crowded. The Adventuredome tent is a natural and popular location for children’s birthday parties in the Las Vegas valley, which boasts a population of two million people.

Carpooling to and from the Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Cirque du Soleil offers complimentary valet parking, making it a rarity in Las Vegas.


I’m always pleasantly impressed by the Circus Circus Adventuredome’s cleanliness and value.

For roughly $240, four may enjoy endless rides on a five-acre, air-conditioned property, even if their children are older and taller than 48 inches.

A whole day of rides in Las Vegas for the whole family sounds like a decent deal, especially when I consider that I can easily spend $240 on a single spin of the Wheel of Fortune.

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