Carrot Top Las Vegas – Tickets & Show Times at the Luxor 2022

Pain in my rib cage woke me up at 4 a.m. the next morning, many hours after seeing him perform. Was it a result of the fact that you drank too much that day? You walk a lot in Vegas, don’t you? No, I’m not talking about the enormous steak supper.

No. Laughter is what caused it.

Carrot Top’s hysterically humorous act made me laugh till my chest muscles hurt from laughing so hard for so long. Pleurisy is a legitimate medical illness, and it’s the only kind of discomfort I’d pay to have again.

Do it if you’re thinking about seeing Carrot Top while in Las Vegas. Seeing the play twice, 10 years apart, was the highlight of my trips to Europe.

Carrot Top’s one-and-a-half-hour performance is crammed with prop jokes, movies, special effects, and stand-up that will have you giggling from ear to ear. By Las Vegas standards, ticket costs are affordable, and the show is worth every penny.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will host Carrot Top at the dates and hours listed below. You should remember that he has vacation time like everyone else and doesn’t perform every week.

The WinStar World Resort in Oklahoma and the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee are just two places where he will perform outside of Las Vegas regularly.

The Carrot Top Las Vegas Showtimes.

But Carrot Top spends the majority of the year in Las Vegas, where his weekly itinerary looks something like this:

Monday – Saturday8 PM
SundayNo Show

Showroom in the Luxor’s Atrium

The Luxor’s Atrium Showroom is where all performances take place.

Six rows (A-F) are designated as Category “A” seating despite the seating chart’s various hues. Categorized as “B” seating, rows G–K includes all seats in that sections. There are two categories of seating: “C” (row L) and “D” (row M).

This little theatre has 350 seats. Thanks to the sloping design and high angled chairs, there’s no poor seat in the house.

Seats are available in four categories: A, B, C, and D, with “A” (the most costly) being located directly in front of the stage, followed by “B.” Seating in rows “C” and “D” is designated for those in the very last few rows.

Even though I’ve sat in both upper and lower B sections, I don’t believe you’ll lose out on anything if you choose the more expensive Category A seats.

On the other hand, Carrot Top will often pause between songs to converse with fans in the front rows and hand out Crown Royal shots to those who want them. The more expensive front seats may be worth it if you want to take pictures with Carrot Top.

Top Ticket Prices for Carrot Show at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

If you buy tickets via Carrot Top Tickets, I’ll earn a commission from However, purchasing directly from Luxor is almost always less expensive. You can get them: Luxor Carrot Top Tickets (I am not an affiliate with Luxor).

Luxor’s current rates are as follows. Before taxes and fees, each ticket costs around $16.

Category1 Ticket

To purchase tickets, you will need to use your mobile phone. They now declare that only mobile or digital tickets are available on their website.

There are no Carrot Top tickets for sale on Ticketmaster.

Purchasing tickets via Ticketmaster rather than the Luxor directly is more costly, as is the case with

You may be able to save a few dollars if you browse through many ticket brokers for long enough and decide it’s worth your effort. However, Carrot Top ticket costs are normally the same no matter where you get them.

Since 2005, the event has become a Vegas fixture. Even though he performs in Las Vegas 240 times a year, demand is high, and you won’t be able to locate a seat for less than $20 or $30. (I’m telling you, I’ve tried).

However, my wife and I spent significantly more on our Carrot Top tickets at the Casino Royale Tix 4 Tonight booth than the official Luxor rates, even though the Tix4Tonight booths are located around the Strip advertise discounted Carrot Top tickets (and before I did any research).

Remember that the alluring ticket prices advertised in periodicals and on the internet do not include the substantial amusement taxes and fees that Las Vegas merchants generously pass on to us tourists.

Carrot Top VIP Meet and Greet Tickets at the Luxor in Las Vegas

At 7 p.m., for $53 (plus taxes and fees), you may meet Carrot Top backstage before his performance.

Please keep in mind that the meet and greet tickets do not allow access to the concert. Still, you’ll need to purchase them individually.

With taxes and fees, a ticket for the Meet and Greet rises to $53 per person.

However, in addition to the $43.50 Meet-n-Greet ticket price (plus regular taxes), the Luxor adds an extra $8.72 in service fees, plus an additional $0.78 in service tax for each ticket. Whew.

An 8 × 10 signed picture of Carrot Top will be sent to you as a bonus.

Concerning the program

An usher will collect your tickets and direct you to your seats after making it to the top of the steep incline.

Once you’re seated, you’ll be treated to a slew of risqué video clips. Imagine “America’s Funniest Videos” with an “R” rating.

Almost worth the price of admission, this montage prepares your lungs for what’s to come.

A brief stand-up act by a comic follows. In my opinion, the stand-up acts might vary from night to event and can be hit or miss.

Can Kids Enjoy the Carrot Top Show?


Even though I’m a huge fan of Carrot Top and the program, I wouldn’t take my two young children (ages 7 and 9) to see this show.

It’s a terrific show for all ages, although the beginning video montage and warm-up comic are classified R.

Several jokes and props in the play include sexual innuendo—things you’d be mortified to witness while sitting next to your children if you were in the audience (or grandma, for that matter).


  • You are not permitted to photograph or video the performance. In addition, you are not permitted to bring in your alcoholic beverages.
  • Please keep in mind that a responsible adult must accompany anybody under 18.
  • Approximately 200 props may be found in Carrot Top’s eight-stage trunks, as detailed in a wonderful piece in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. On the other hand, his shows have an average of 70 props.

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