Bellagio Fountains Show Times April 2022 & Song List

While Las Vegas has an explosive volcano, the world’s biggest Ferris Wheel, and a pyramid-shaped hotel, the Bellagio has established itself as the city’s undeniable emblem.

Lake Bellagio’s famed dancing waters may be seen in almost every photograph of Las Vegas. The fountain display runs every half-hour in the daytime and every 15 minutes at night. The precise timetable is shown below.

Performances occur every day of the year, except days with very high winds.

The Fountains of Bellagio Timetable

The following are the current timings for the Bellagio Fountain Show:

Monday – Friday3 PM – 7 PMEvery 1/2 Hour7 PM – Midnight: Every 15 minutes
Saturday, Sundays & HolidaysNoon – 7 PM: Every 1/2 Hour7 PM – Midnight: Every 15 Minutes

Please be aware that, despite my best efforts to maintain this list up-to-date every month, things may and will change, and that performance may be canceled if there are particularly strong winds in the region.

Selection of Music for the Bellagio Fountains

Every program has a distinct set of featured show tunes since they are rotated regularly. There are also seasonal tunes thrown into the mix (see below).

“Con Te Partir,” or “Time to Say Goodbye,” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, is one of the most popular (and my favorite) songs on the rotation, with roughly 20 to 30 tracks in total.

Additionally, “Uptown Funk,” Bruno Mars’ “Billie Jean,” Elton John’s “Your Song,” and the Elvis classic “Viva Las Vegas” are also in the rotation. ‘

Popular songs by Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra, for example, are “My Heart Will Go On” and “Fly Me to the Moon, respectively.” As of February 2019, “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga has been added to the list.

The following is a list of the most frequently played songs, sorted by the artist:

  • Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – The Beatles
  • In the Mood – Ralph Carmichael
  • My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
  • Believe – Cher
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  • One, Singular Sensation – Original Broadway Cast
  • Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sintra w/ Count Basie
  • Rondine al Nido – Luciano Pavarotti
  • All That Jazz – Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • The Ecstasy of Gold – Ennio Morricone
  • Pink Panther – Henry Mancini
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
  • Hey, Big Spender – Gwen Verdon & Original Broadway Cast
  • Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye) – Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
  • Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini – Mikhail Rudy
  • God Bless The USA – Lee Greenwood
  • Star-Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston
  • Simple Gifts – London Symphony Orchestra
  • Singin’ in the Rain – Gene Kelly
  • Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra

Holiday Song Selections at the Bellagio Fountains

I’m not sure when the holiday music starts, but the following Christmas tunes are in the rotation:

  • Santa Baby – Madonna
  • Carol of the Bells – Los Angeles Master Chorale
  • Hallelujah Chorus – Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Johnny Mathis
  • Sleigh Ride – Johnny Mathis
  • O Holy Night – Placido Domingo
  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Johnny Mathis

The fountains are always mesmerizing and expertly coordinated no matter what music is playing.

It’s understandable why people wait in line all day and into the night to watch the. As one of the few free, kid-friendly activities on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s an excellent option for families.

Viewing Spots

It’s been said that there isn’t a terrible seat in the house when it comes to viewing positions. A view of the fountains from your hotel room is a bonus. In this situation, all you have to do is switch to channel 22 on your television to hear the show’s soundtrack.

You can get a good view of the performers on a nearby sidewalk, but if you want to grab the best seats, you’ll need to arrive at least ten minutes early for your next show to acquire a good place.

Other excellent vantage points include Spago’s lakeside tables, Lago’s Sunday Brunch, and the Mayfair Supper Club, a new restaurant/entertainment club. Like the Bellagio, the Cromwell’s popular Giada’s restaurant, catty-corner to the Cromwell, provides excellent views. All of these dining establishments, on the other hand, will set you back a good buck.

FAQs –

What is the duration of the Bellagio Fountain Show?

According to whatever music is being played, the Bellagio fountain display typically lasts between three and four minutes. The show begins at the beginning of the song and concludes at the song’s end. To get an idea of when things are about to begin, keep an eye on the lake’s surface. Only moments before to curtain call will steam erupt from under the lake’s surface.

What is the approximate area of Lake Bellagio?

8 and a half acres are devoted to the lake. According to WET Design, a regular garden hose would take roughly a year to fill, the project’s creators.

What is the depth of Bellagio Lake?

On average, the lake is 8 feet deep, although it reaches a depth of 13 feet near the water sprays.

How many fountain displays does the Bellagio have?

During the workweek, there are a total of 28 performances per day. There are 34 concerts on weekends and holidays.

The Bellagio Fountains’ Past Musical Performances

Here are some songs that have previously been on the fountain display. They may be reinstated.

  1. Your Song – Elton John
  2. Ayeshe’s Dance – London Symphony Orchestra
  3. This Kiss – Faith Hill
  4. Hoe-Down – London Symphony Orchestra
  5. Hayaneh – Suite: Dawn
  6. Winter Games – David Foster
  7. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

As for the fountains: a few exciting things.

  • The fountains were initially intended to be illuminated with colorful lights when the resort opened in October of 1998. Nearly 5,000 lights illuminate the lake. On the other hand, Steve Wynn loved the white appearance, according to a piece in USA Today.
  • Since the fountains of Bellagio opened in 1998, they have been a significant success in attracting attention from the tourists on the Las Vegas Strip. However, Steve Wynn, the man behind the Bellagio, would go on to construct the Wynn Hotel and Casino, which included a water and light show, requiring guests who wanted to see the performance for free to go through the casino.
  • One hundred and sixteen super jets are among the 1,200 sprayers. These people are in charge of the jaw-dropping climaxes, in which gallons of lake water rocket 500 feet into the air. The inventor claims that the jets can spray water as high as a 24-story structure, which would be an incredible feat.
  • “Fountain Face-off” was part of the NHL All-Star weekend’s skills competition in Lake Bellagio when hockey’s greats swam out to the middle of Lake Bellagio to fire pucks at targets.
  • When a homeless man drowned while swimming in a lake in July of 2020, the Clark County coroner diagnosed him with methamphetamine in his system.

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