Bellagio Buffet Price & Hours: April 2022 with Menu

The Bellagio’s Buffet is now open, but just for breakfast. For further information about it, see the section below).

Located in the rear of the resort, near the “O” Theater, The Buffet at the Bellagio was the first truly gourmet buffet in town, and although it may have dropped down a grade or two, it is still largely recognized as one of the greatest buffets in Las Vegas.

At many live-action cooking stations, customers may sample a wide variety of cuisines from across the world. You may sit at the main bar if you’d like, where drinks will be delivered to you more quickly.

Prices and Hours of the Bellagio Buffet

This is what you may expect to play regularly.

During holidays and three-day weekends, the price rises dramatically.

Keep in mind that these rates do not include gratuity or the 8.38 percent tax imposed by Las Vegas’ local government on its tourists. Typically, the tax will fall anywhere between $3 and $5 per person.

After taxes, a typical weekend breakfast for two would price you $108.35.

Members of the United States military get a 10% discount at the Bellagio as a thank you from MGM Resorts (owners of the resort).

Drinks at the Bellagio Buffet

Unlimited alcoholic beverages are available for an additional $24.99 (in addition to the buffet admittance fee). You’ll be able to choose between a Bloody Mary or a Bloody Mary option for your beverage of choice.

Children’s Menu Prices at the Bellagio Buffet

The Bellagio’s buffet is free for children under three, as is the case at almost every other eatery in the city. Children under the age of five are not charged. The charges for children between the ages of 6 and 11 are half of those for adults. Adult charges apply to those who are 12 years old or older.

Prices for Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal Buffet

The Buffet Brunch Menu at Bellagio

The post-pandemic Bellagio Buffet is different from the one you’ve had previously. So no sushi or caviar for me.

Crab legs have also been removed from the menu owing to a suspected supply chain problem (at least as of this update).

The following is a sample menu for breakfast and lunch; however, bear in mind that the Chef and the Bellagio management have the right to alter the offerings at any moment.

Dishes for the Morning Meal

In addition to a small assortment of fruits, you’ll discover four distinct separately served fruit juice variations (watermelon, carrot, etc.). (honeydew, pineapple, cantaloupe, bananas).

Yogurt toppings are available in a small self-serve area nearby. Chia pudding is also available.

Its make-your-own section includes cream cheese, smoked salmon with capers and eggs, red onion, chives, cocktail onions, and pico de gallo.

In addition to the more traditional waffles and pancakes, you’ll also come across little squares of pancake cut from a larger pancake.

In addition to French toast, there are apple crepes, cheese blintzes, biscuits and gravy, and a Mexican egg dish with tortillas on the breakfast menu.

The station where you may build your omelet is just next to this one. Scrambled eggs, egg whites, bacon, sausage, and a potato dish with poached eggs in tomato sauce are all common breakfast items.

In-N-Out Hut

There are three types of bagels and various bread available. Everything from plain white bread toast to Kalamata rolls and cranberry and multi-grain rolls may be found here.

The Bellagio’s breakfast buffet has a toast station only available at the hotel.

Sourdough or whole-grain bread are the first two options you’ll have to choose from, and then the station attendant will ask you how you’d want yours toasted (i.e., “lightly,” “dark,” etc.)

You will be given various options for toppings after the toast is cooked, including egg cookery, avocado, cream cheese (both sweet and whipped), basic ricotta, bacon, prosciutto, and Nutella. Other options include sprouts, capers, strawberry and banana slices, pistachio, and spiced honey butter.

Meals for the Table

Goat cheese, mortadella cheese, Salami, capicola cheddar cheese, and brie are all available at the deli for sandwiches and other light fare during lunch hours.

Roast turkey, rotisserie chicken, flank steak, prime rib, a variety of sausages, and pork ribs were all available in the carving area.

Macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy are two popular examples of sides you’ll find here. Assorted hot vegetable dishes (including caramelized carrots) are available for vegetarians, as is a hot mushroom dish and roast cauli and asparagus.

Bar of Salads

You begin by selecting either mixed greens, romaine salad, or spinach from the salad bar.

Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, pico de gallo, garbanzo beans, and whole hard-boiled eggs are a few of the salad bar’s other options. All of the typical suspects were represented in the six dressings I counted (ranch, Caesar, Thousand Island, Balsamic, etc.)

Pre-made salads include a Caesars salad, watermelon salad, a tomato & mozzarella salad, and a potato salad, among other varieties.

We had tomato and clam chowder soups for lunch on this particular day. There is a cheesy bread dish in between the two soup options.

Section for people from Asia

In addition to pork buns, a Chinese doughnut, fried rice, and baby boy chou, this tiny stand offers (among other dishes).

a deli with a seafood counter

As of this update, there are no crab legs available (nor lobster). If you’re looking for a seafood pasta meal, you’ll get oysters Rockefeller instead of salmon or Chilean sea bass. Poke ahi and shrimp cocktail round out the menu options.

A mini-Italian station, where you can choose from three different pizza types and chicken alfredo, was located next to the seafood.


There are many treats to name, but I’ll start with one of my personal favorites: gelato, which comes in six distinct flavors. Vanilla, lemon, strawberry, and chocolate sea salt caramel were among the flavors available on this particular day.

It comes with little lemon meringue tarts, a carrot cake panna cotta with a raspberry mousse, and an individual cheesecake on top of the gelato.

Also available are mini-croissants, crème Brulee, and a limited assortment of cookies and doughnuts.


A self-service beverage station and various pop dispensers are available for guests to use.

Unlimited champagne and/or mimosas are included with your buffet admission.

Bellagio Holiday Buffet Prices

Throughout the year, prices will fluctuate with major celebrations. Change here refers to “rise.”

For Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas buffets, the buffet’s price goes up compared to other Las Vegas buffets.

The Bellagio raises the entry price for a staggering 13 additional holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day and Chinese New Year, on top of the three traditional ones.

In addition to the holidays listed above, there are several others when prices go up, including Chinese New Year, Presidents Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Presidents Day Weekend, Presidents Day Weekend, Mother’s Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Father’s Day Weekend, July 4th Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Weekend, and New Year’s Eve.

Bellagio’s website does not show these holiday buffet costs since the cuisine changes based on the holiday. However, a holiday buffet often costs $4 to $8 more than a regular buffet, depending on the occasion.

Pricing for the Christmas season begins in mid-to-late-December and continues until the beginning of January. For most people, the New Year’s Eve Buffet is the priciest one of the whole year.

Finally, the menu at this all-you-can-eat restaurant is subject to change, much like those at other Las Vegas buffets.

Questions and Answers about the Bellagio Buffet

Can I make a reservation for the Bellagio Buffet?

No. The Bellagio Buffet at Caesars Palace does not accept OpenDoor reservations, unlike the Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Palace.

Is there alcohol served at the Bellagio Buffet?

Yes. The buffet entry price includes coffee, juices, teas, and soft beverages. Bellagio used to provide limitless champagne and mimosas in the beverage package, but now the price has been increased to $25. This includes beer, wine, and screwdrivers.

If you’re staying at the Bellagio, where is the buffet?

You’ll have to go via the “O” Theater and the casino’s rear entrance to get there. The poker room and sportsbook are just a short walk away.

Dinner in the Bellagio

For completeness, we’ve included the evening menu from the Bellagio Buffet before Covid took it over. When the supper buffet returns, we’ll update this.

You’ll find Kobe beef, ham, prime rib, chicken, lamb, venison, quail, and roasted duck on the menu for you carnivores.

There are a variety of side dishes, including vegetables, bread, and mashed potatoes. You may have them with pesto or sweet mashed potatoes, or you can get them plain.

Fresh salmon and tuna poke are on the menu. In addition to the standard fare like snow crab legs and crawfish, there are several unique items that you won’t find on any other local buffet, like salmon mousse cups, crab cakes, smoked trout, and mahi-mahi.

Eel is one of the delicacies I’ve never seen at other Vegas buffets.

There are beef and chicken tacos ready to assemble and pre-made sopaipillas at the Mexican food station.

Sashimi and a selection of fresh sushi may be found at the Asian station. Make your Pho is also available. Also, the duck fried rice is a big hit here.

Spaghetti options at the Bellagio Buffet range from a simple cheese pizza baked in a wood-fired oven to pasta marinara and the highly recognized mushroom ravioli.

Salad bar staples like beef tartare and Caesar salad are available, as are various pre-made salads like the Caesar salad you’re used to.

Friday and Saturday night buffets are more pricey, but they feature a few extras that aren’t offered on weekdays. In this case, I’m talking about “some of the world’s best caviars, Ikura and Tobiko,” from the Bellagio (instead of the snow crab legs provided during the week). Beef Wellington, Osso Bucco, Chilean sea bass, and more.

Tiramisu, banana foster, key lime pie, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fudge walnut brownie, crème Brulee, flan, macadamia nuts, fruit tarts, a mango mousse, and an assortment of gelato varieties are just some of the delectable desserts available at the Bellagio buffet.

There are also sugar-free treats available. At this drink station, you may also refill your beverages.

You may want to come as soon as the restaurant opens to take full advantage of the buffet (3 p.m. for dinner). Even though it’s early, you’ll be able to escape the huge Bellagio Buffet lines that have been known to extend into the casino if you get there early enough. As a rule, more than an hour’s waits aren’t out of the ordinary.

In addition, arriving early ensures that you won’t miss any of the most sought-after delicacies you want to try (see the aforementioned chocolate-covered strawberries).

Also, if you’re going to a famous event, try to avoid going to the buffet an hour or two before the show starts since many people will be eating there. Since the restaurant is close to the O Theatre, this is very relevant.


When you go to the Bellagio, the price of their buffet varies depending on the day.

To put it another way, the dinners on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights tend to be more lavish and costly, while the brunches on Saturday and Sunday mornings are simpler and more affordable.


“Thank you for restricting your eating experience to two hours,” says the bottom of the Bellagio Buffet bill.

The 18 percent gratuity will be added to the bill for parties of eight or more.

The Bellagio Buffet’s Chef’s Table

(Editor’s note: as of this edit, this is still unavailable. If and when it does, I’ll make the necessary changes.

The Chef’s Table, where the Bellagio’s chief Chef will spend time with you, costs an extra $71.99 on top of the standard buffet charge. According to their website, diners may expect “tableside carving of luscious meats from the rotisserie oven and superb desserts” in addition to the standard buffet fare.

Only the evening buffet offers the Chef’s Table option, which is offered from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. The Chef’s Table requires a reservation.

The phone number and website for Bellagio may be found here.

(866) 259-7111 or (702) 693-8865

Website: Bellagio Buffet

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